Automated 3D Manufacturing

Advancing technology to bring a more cost effective manufacturing process to your factory floor

TVE (Thermal Volumetric Extrusion) Controller

Our proprietary filament tracking module provides high precision closed loop feedback on filament position and diameter to enhance print quality.

Precision optical diameter and position monitoring is provided with enhanced signal filtering on board allowing for continuous filament diameter measurements with a resolution of 100 microns.

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Dual Hobbed Extruder

The world’s first variable axis multi-geared extruder drive running off a single stepper motor for enhanced traction and reliable high speed material extrusion.

The extra grip reduces the amount of sheared plastic, filament tugging, and allow for FDM printers to print at much higher speeds.

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Precision Bed Leveling

SD3D’s precision bed leveling module utilizes a high precision analog hall effect sensor to provide leveling resolution down to 5 microns.

The common method of auto-leveling uses an inductive or capacitive probe to determine the level of the build plate prior to the print and continuously augment the z-height of the hotend throughout the print to account for the variance. There are several problems with relying on this method alone to provide reliable and autonomous bed leveling.

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CAP Build Plate

Printers can now be configured to run continuously without needing to be monitored or serviced by technicians between prints with our Continuous Autonomous Printing (CAP) build plate. This drastically lowers the costs involved with production 3D printing while increasing print reliability. Surface quality is maintained by ejecting the prints through a non-destructive sequence utilizing the hotend nozzle as a two axis pick-and-place. This method allows for extremely high precision placement of the finished parts for additional automated post processing.

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ABE (Adaptive Build Environment)

Modular environmental control system adapts to internal and external influences to optimize the build chamber for warp free printing.

SD3D’s solution to part warping and delamination is an Adaptive Build Environment (ABE). ABE includes a set of modular panels with variable insulation properties which allows it to adapt to both internal and external influences to the build environment simultaneously. Each ABE panel is capable of absorbing up to 80W of transient thermal energy. Multiple panel sets can be configured to reduce temperature gradients across the build chamber to within 2C.

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Distributed Processing

Modular closed loop control system provides industrial level 3D printer reliability.

SD3D’s closed loop motion control system provides precision feedback from each motor responsible for for hotend positioning and extrusion. Additional sensors are used to provide feedback regarding the effectiveness of the mechanical transmission. This allows the control system to monitor for failures such as belt or filament slippage in addition to motor positioning errors, fully closing the loop on 3D printer motion control.

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