SD3D is Standardized Distributed 3D printing as a service. We specialize in high volume 3D printing services and automation solutions. We provide local 3D printing services in San Diego, Dallas and LA.


Additive Manufacturing

Commercial and industrial grade solutions for 3D printing parts in volume


Use our automated 3D print quote tool to receive an instant price for 3D printing services. Configure your 3D print to order in a large variety of materials to suit your application requirements with pick-up options as early as same day. Let our automated 3D Printing as a service software take the guesswork out of your rapid prototyping projects.


Next, Speak with our advanced additive manufacturing production experts who will guide you as you scale from prototype to large volume production. Our best-in-domain 3D printing process automation platform provides the most cost effective and reliable high volume 3D printing services available anywhere.


Never miss another deadline due to lacking 3D printing capacity. Remotely tap into our network of distributed 3D printers to provide an instant boost in production capacity around the clock. Close those critical projects on time, every time with support from our high volume 3D printing service network.


File Upload

Generate an instant 3D print quote and quickly get parts in your hands with our distributed 3D printing service network. Our automated 3D printing systems ensure part conformity and repeatability throughout the network.

On-the-fly Quoting

Select material, verify density and see pricing options on the fly. Change quantities to see how your project scales from simple rapid prototyping of one off parts to high volume 3D printing orders.

Fast Delivery

Using automated processes, one of our high volume 3D printing services in San Diego, Los Angeles or Dallas will package your parts and ship them to you in record time.

Volume Manufacturing

Once you're ready to run volume orders, you can use the same tool to increase your order quantity, or send an inquiry for a custom quote on your project.

Reduce Cost and Time to Market with On Demand 3D Printing Services

Create a highly efficient workflow for your project with our cloud based 3D printing solution platform. Whether it's one part or 10,000, our 3D printing service facilities in San Diego, Dallas and Los Angeles will work with you to take the guesswork out of 3D printing your project. You want it, we print it. You think it, we'll design it. It's that simple.

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