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CRM and Instant Quoting Software for 3D Printing Service Bureaus

By December 18, 20183D Printing
Interested in boosting sales for your 3D printing service business?

Growing numbers of 3D printing businesses are venturing into building their own independent web presence for enhanced customer outreach results, as opposed to relying solely on marketplace solutions. The reason for this shift in the dependence on marketplace solutions, such as 3D Hubs, MakeXYZ, Treatstock, etc., is the long term effect they have on diluting the value of individual brands on their platform. While marketplace solutions generally provide a boost to upstart 3D printing service bureaus looking for new customers, over time they also have the effect of drowning out the visibility of any given supplier amongst a sea of competition. Forward thinking 3D printing service companies are now looking to implement online instant quoting software for 3D printing services directly on their website. This will not only lead to enhanced brand recognition and customer retention, but it will also bring long term security to those 3D printing service bureaus.

In October, 3D Hubs abruptly displaced thousands of 3D printing service providers by permanently kicking them off of their network. Many of these businesses are now looking for an online instant quoting software for 3D printing services that can be directly embedded in their website. They had to learn the hard way that marketplace quoting for 3D printing services may not be the best long-term solution. It really should be no surprise that many of these 3D printing businesses are now moving away from relying on marketplace solutions altogether.

If you wish to enhance the overall visibility of your 3D printing business, you need to implement high-end e-commerce or SEO solutions for your company that are built specifically for the 3D printing industry.

This is wherein the role of a reliable 3D printing sales automation software solution comes in. Created specifically for the 3D printing industry, our advanced sales automation software solution can enable seamless preparation of 3D print quotes. This software was built specifically with the 3D printing service bureau in mind. As such, it comes with built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, and countless features to streamline the ordering process for 3D printing services. All of this is provided through a web interface that is branded specifically around your 3D printing business. This professional 3D printing quoting software solution helps in automating and optimizing the quote as well as sales processes. The software simultaneously bundles the necessary tools to interact with the end customers more efficiently to help in saving time & resources. 

Printelize Pro – Cloud CRM and Quoting Software for 3D Printing Service Bureaus

Quoting Software For 3D Printing

Some of the special features of the Printelize instant quoting software for 3D printing services include:

Interactive Platform: The software solution aims at offering a simple and streamlined user interface that focuses on ease-of-use while providing a highly interactive platform to enhance the overall user experiences.
Cloud-based Solution: The sales automation software is cloud-based and aims at guaranteeing uptime and overall security of information to its users. We take care of the tedious system administration tasks on the backend so you can focus on your customers.
Dynamic Pricing: With the help of the automated instant quoting software solution for 3D printing, you can be assured of accurate dynamic pricing results for your customers. You can tailor your pricing formulas around your specific processes and make them as simple or complex as needed to assure accurate pricing.
Secure Online Payments: Through the web interface or app solution, customers can ensure the ease and security of their online payments. This improves the overall customer loyalty and trustworthiness in your online brand.

Printelize PRO Features

  • management of customer relationships (CRM),
  • creation of quotes for customers,
  • order and quote management,
  • dynamic pricing formulas configuration,
  • 3D printer inventory management,
  • 3D consumables management,
  • email templates configuration,
  • static pages management,
  • own email account configuration,
  • own domain (or subdomain) configuration,
  • platform access management,
  • pricing visibility management,
  • management of color schemes,
  • configuration of own branding (logo),
  • currency management,
  • support for multiples languages.

Are you ready to take the leap towards establishing a better brand for your 3D printing shop?


Sales automation software for the 3D printing industry allows business owners can create great user experiences for their 3D printing service bureaus. Customers often require nothing more than an interface for uploading a 3D model file and selecting basic 3D printing parameters. These 3D printing parameters may include the desired material, resolution or infill required by the customer. Moreover, 3D printing business owners can fully customize the branding throughout the web interface and pick from the available color palettes to enhance the user experience.

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