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Pricing for 3D Printing vs. Injection Molding

The general rule of thumb for manufacturing your product until this point has been this: 3D printing is a cheaper alternative when making a prototype of your invention and injection molding is the way to go for large quantities.  At SD3D we are changing that mentality with the cheapest and most competitive pricing possible for additive manufacturing.  No longer do you need to go overseas – create your product here at home in the USA for pricing that beats China! When comparing 3D printing vs. injection molding, we can see that 3D printing prices can be very competitive. 

3D print pricing vs injection molding – reach breakeven in the thousands of units

With our new membership pricing and 3D printer farm contracts, SD3D can offer up to 5,000 units at a cheaper rate than any injection molding you can find across the world.  Want to do a test run of your product in the market? Want to have a production run that can fulfill your entire crowdfunding campaign? Or would you like to send your product right to the customer without having to hold any inventory? Well, not only are all of these easy with 3D printing, SD3D makes it cheaper than any other alternative.

To prove this we decided to see how much it would cost to injection mold a 12 ounce soda and compare it with our pricing:SD3D vs Injection Molding

These massively discounted prices do not even tell the whole story.  When you injection mold there is a fixed tooling cost.  For this specific job, the tooling cost is $34,983.  This means that the minimum you will have to pay, regardless of quantity ordered, is $34,983.  This also means that if you decide to do any tweaks after the first run, you will have to pay another $35,000.  Changing your 3D model and design mid production with SD3D is not only easy, but free!

SD3D White Label FulfillmentSD3D White Label

With our membership plans and 3D printer farm options we also offer the ability to white label your product.  Unlike with injection molding companies, SD3D can brand your box and ship it straight to it’s final destination without any effort on your part! That means you no longer have to hold inventory!


$ 499

Per Year
  • $0.20 / cubic centimeter (ABS or PLA)
  • Print up to 20 soda cans of material per month*
  • That’s 2500 grams of plastic or 15 batch setups
  • Save up to $7,200 from normal pricing per year
  • For the hobbyist or garage engineer.
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PremiumMost Popular

$ 999

Per Year
  • $0.18 / cubic centimeter (ABS or PLA)
  • Print up to 40 soda cans of material per month*
  • That’s 5,000 grams of plastic or 30 batch setups
  • Save up to $1,200 from the Economy Plan per year
  • Small businesses and new ideas.
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$ 1499

Per Year
  • $0.16 / cubic centimeter (ABS or PLA)
  • Print up to 75 soda cans of material per month*
  • That’s 9,000 grams of plastic or 50 batch setups
  • Save up to $2,700 from the Premium Plan per year
  • For businesses looking for high volume printing.
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*At standard quality and density

How are we able to offer these competitive prices?  Well here at SD3D we have been diligently working on reducing failure rates among FDM printers with our innovative technology.  On top of reducing failure rates, your initial investment actually dedicates a printer just for you – meaning quicker turnarounds and much cheaper prints.

Not only is pricing for 3D printing competitive, it beats Next up, 3D printing costs vs CNC.

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