CAP Build Plate

Continuous Autonomous 3D Printing Build Platform

The Continuous Autonomous Printing (CAP) build plate enables FDM 3D printers to produce parts 24/7 without requiring any technician intervention to clear off completed parts between prints. This continuous 3D printing process is done non-destructively which means there is absolutely no impact on the part or disruption to the mounting integrity of the printer. This translates to lower failure rates and more streamline production.

The video to the right demonstrates the process on an early prototype FDM printer.

As can be seen in the video, the CAP build plate is capable of non-destructively dislodging the print once complete. At this point, the machine then moves the print to an advantageous location for auto-ejection. Once in the desired location, the part is ejected from the machine and the printer confirms proper auto-ejection prior to making the printer available for the next print.

Continuous 3D Printing Reduces Labor Costs by up to 86%

CAP is currently available for integration with commercial OEM printers that are looking to enhance productivity and performance for their customer base. CAP is a powerful module within the automation platform of our industrial 3d printing company that improves production throughput by over 40%. Furthermore, the production technicians of our 3D printing company are capable of operating a larger number of machines which has been shown to lower direct printing labor costs by up to 86%.