Plano 3D Printing Services

Wondering about where to find 3D printing services in Plano for your project? Well you have come to the right place because SD3D provides local 3D printing services in Plano. Simply upload your .stl below and choose your settings.  If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ.

Material Options

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Step 1: Drag in your .STL File

Firstly, it’s important to make sure you choose the correct model units for your project.  Don’t have a .stl? Request a 3D Design Quote Here

Step 2: Choose Print Settings

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Step 3: Select Resolution

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Settings Options:


When we say quality, we are referring to the height of each layer being laid down. In other words, the layer resolution.  The smaller the layer, the higher the quality print.  Our current quality settings range from Fine (100 micron layer height), Standard (250 micron layer height), and Draft (380 micron layer height).  The difference between a draft and standard quality print can be over three times as expensive due to time required when printing. Therefore, this additional processing time will need to be reflected in higher 3D printing pricing.

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We offer a wide array of materials to suit your needs.  Strength, elongation, glass transition temperature, color, and of course 3D printing pricing all vary depending on this option.

Material Comparisons


Lastly, Infill is best described as the strength or density of your project.  Since 3D printing involves building from the ground up, we can actually change the amount of material that is being used in your project.  In fact, some items can even be printed hollow.  The higher the infill, the longer the print, the more material, and the more costly the project is. Therefore, it is best to use the lowest infill that still provides the required mechanical strength for your project. Infill Percent vs 3D Printing Pricing

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