SD3D specializes in providing industry leading pricing, quality and lead times for high volume 3D printing. If you have been looking for a bulk 3D printing partner, congratulations, your search is over.

Contact us today to learn more about our full set of volume production capabilities. Our experienced team of manufacturing engineers will help guide you through the process of scaling up from a single prototype to producing thousands of parts per month

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    From FDM to SLS, we offer industry leading pricing and lead times for high volume 3d printing. Whether you have a large format project for an upcoming convention or need to digitize your inventory of long tail parts – we have a solution for you. We are experts in creating custom solutions for large projects. If you are skeptical about whether or not bulk 3D printing is a viable solution for your project, give us a call. One call could save you thousands of dollars on your manufacturing costs.

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    How Does Volume 3D Printing Compare to Injection Molding or Machining?

    SD3D provides both additive as well as traditional manufacturing services. We live and breath manufacturing and understand the nuances of these processes well. That means you can rest assured that we will help you select the best process for your application. There is a unique sweet spot for every project where it makes sense to transition from high volume 3d printing to other manufacturing methods. We can help you understand the costs involved and where all the breakeven points are. If bulk 3D printing doesn’t make sense for your project we will let you know immediately and help guide you in the right direction.