About Us

SD3D Printing was founded In the year 2013 as a One-Stop-Shop for catering to 3D Scanning, Printing And Design Services in San Diego, CA. Since then, SD3D has grown into an international brand with the bold mission of:

Enabling Fully Automated Industrial Additive Manufacturing

After gathering data culminating years of 3D scanning and printing industry experience, our 3D printing automation company has developed proprietary technologies and processes allowing us to provide the highest quality commercial 3D printing production and technology solutions available. Our fulfillment & design facilities are currently located in San Diego, California and Dallas, Texas– providing shipment worldwide. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your project or production line!

Why choose SD3D Printing? 

Our 3D printing automation company in San Diego has developed proprietary processes and technologies which allow us to leverage fully automated 3D Printing platforms to provide accurate and affordable rapid prototyping for both one-off prototypes as well as large production runs.

Affordable Manufacturing

Quick Turnarounds

Knowledgeable Experts

Are you a 3D printer OEM? We would love to hear from you to discuss how we can integrate our process automation technology into your product line.