Ever wanted to be able to see a physical model of your archetectural drawings before moving forward with a project? Don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for this ability? Well 3D printing might be right up your alley.

The model you see to your right can actually be printed for under $150! That is a three story  house with fencing, furniture, sinks, and more that you can get for a fraction of any other costs you will experience when preparing.

The particular model to the right is roughly 9 inches wide and a foot high in total, but we can print landscapes much larger than that.

In fact, here at SD3D we have experience doing just this.  Along with our extensive work within the 3D printing community, we have worked to help set up models for trade shows, universities, architects, inventors, and many others.

Take a look around and see how our technology advances can help to save you money on your next project!

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