Why choose SD3D Printing?


Additive manufacturing has been around for decades, but the technology is only just now becoming cost effective enough for individuals and small businesses to take full advantage of the opportunities that 3D printing has to offer. At SD3D printing, we have developed a unique process to allow us to leverage the falling prices of open-source 3D printing platforms to provide accurate and affordable rapid prototyping for the masses.

So why not just go buy your own printer if they are becoming so cheap? The state of additive manufacturing has a long way to go before you can simply pick up a printer at your local electronics store, plug it in and expect to immediately start printing accurate models. There is a steep learning curve involved which requires the operator to be well versed in several engineering principles such as mechanics of materials and heat transfer. That is in addition to learning new software, dealing with variable materials and doing the 3D modeling itself. All of this can become very overwhelming and time consuming regardless of your background.

SD3D bridges this gap by coupling a robust hardware setup with lean manufacturing processes. Our proprietary hardware has been designed and optimized from the ground up with reliability and quality in mind. Instead of re-inventing the 3D printer, we have chosen to utilize proven designs from the open-source community. We then augment the base hardware with proprietary ancillary equipment specially designed to increase output reliability. This allows us to get professional cutting-edge results without overpaying for basic technologies.

We have also tackled the issue of variable material quality by creating a unique internal standardization process. Utilizing 6 sigma testing methodologies, we have selected a group of preferred suppliers for their ability to provide reliable feedstock. Our talented engineers then spent hundreds of hours calibrating each color of each material offering to our specific hardware; providing us with a database of reliable settings to draw upon at a moments notice. We are continuing to update this database as new materials and colors are provided and are also constantly looking for additional suppliers to expand our offerings.