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3D Printing Custom Displays for Conventions and Tradeshows


Make your brand stand out with a custom 3D printed display at your next conference or tradeshow

Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing have revolutionized the manufacturing industry with prototyping flexibility. With the numerous material choices and the introduction of large format 3D printing, possibilities are now being unlocked for sales and marketing departments as well.

“If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.” —saying at @ideo.

Companies are using 3D models to display a narrative and promote their brand like never before. Large format 3D printed displays are now being used by innovative companies to make a huge impact at conventions and tradeshows for brand promotion. Large format 3D printing has enabled these companies to create high quality custom displays for tradeshows and conventions. Furthermore, this is done faster and more cost effective than ever before with large format 3D printing.

Aon recently worked with us here at SD3D to produce a massive 9’ x 10.5’ 3D printed city model. This helped Aon to display its vast portfolio and gain more clients while they were in San Diego for a tradeshow. Their booth was easily the most attention grabbing at the show. Crowds formed to marvel at the uniqueness and size of the massive display.

Applying 3D Printing to Create Custom Displays for Conventions and Tradeshows

Let us have a look at some of the application and benefits of 3D printing for Conventions and Tradeshows.

Make Your Portfolio Stand Out with Life Sized 3D Models

With a 3D printed model of your product or service, you instantly get a definitive edge over your competition. You have the power to showcase your portfolio to your clients in the most innovative way possible. Incorporating this into high quality custom displays for conventions and trade shows takes this effect to the next level. Would you rather hand your lead a flyer or immerse them into your brand with a large format custom 3D printed display?

At SD3D, we specialize in producing large format 3D display models in a wide variety of materials, colors and finishes. This allows businesses to display an end-product that perfectly fits their branding requirements. One of the best applications we have seen is incorporating 3D printing into creating a high quality custom displays for conventions and trade shows.

Every company is looking for a unique way to grab more attention while showcasing their brand. You are nearly guaranteed to provide this effect for your brand by incorporating high quality 3D printing into custom displays for conventions and tradeshows.

Low-Cost Models of your product/service as promotional handouts

3D printing costs much less than conventional methods and hence getting the prototype prepared for your product/service becomes cheaper. Furthermore, the time required to produce life-like models of your product is a fraction of what it would take using traditional manufacturing techniques. The high resolution of 3D printed models stand-out from traditionally produced predecessors. Therefore, the companies that are showcasing branded large format 3D printed models at conventions are now receiving the most attention.

Furthermore, there is an opportunity to provide your leads with a branded item as they walk away from your booth. By using 3D printing, these promotional giveaway items can be novel and unique in design. Businesses can use this tactic to allow leads to connect with their brand on a deeper level. The lead is more likely to engage with the brand while selecting the promotional design that reflects their interests the most. Furthermore, they are more likely to retain the branded item and share it within their network.

custom displays for conventions

Closeup of Aon’s casino building in their 3D printed trade show display

Custom Displays for Conventions and Trade Shows Provide a Branding Edge vs Your Competition

With the introduction of Large Format 3D printing, creating very large scale models of your products are no longer a problem. As mentioned above, we recently created a massive 9’ x 10.5’ model of Aon’s city for their portfolio. We were able to do the full design, production, assembly and installation in under six weeks. Furthermore, we designed the display so that it could be easily broken down and reassembled for future conventions.  Above all, a project of this scale and quality would have been impossible to accomplish in that lead time using any other method. Read more about our massive 3D printed city project with Aon.

The companies adopting 3D printing for conventions and tradeshows are receiving an edge in brand recognition over their competition. In fact, entertainment companies are incorporating these large format 3D printed displays directly into their theme parks. Large format 3D printing lowers the cost to display high quality branded life size characters. It also allows the parks to update the characters frequently, providing a higher incentive to return to the park.

Universal 3D Printed Character Display

Large Entertainment Brands such as Universal Studios are even using 3D printing to create life sized characters at their amusement parks.

High Impact Demonstration of your product/service to your clients

Let’s make some assumptions here. Imagine that you’re a commercial real-estate developer and trying to convince your client how beautiful your new smart city project is with just words… Sounds unintuitive right? Now let’s imagine, you have a large 3D printed model of your smart city available with you to showcase to your clients rather than having to explain it with just words… well, you get the picture (and so will your clients!)

This method of demonstration is one of the most powerful marketing tactics. When it comes to your product/service, the best thing that you can do is to demonstrate it to your clients. The life-like visual model provides insight to your clients about your product before deciding to work with you or placing a large order. It allows the client to connect with a project in a way that words alone would not convey. 3D printing enables you to create aesthetically beautiful models prepared for your products/service and showcase them to the clients Worldwide.