3D CAD Services | Design Portfolio

Here at SD3D we provide professional 3D CAD services as part of our product design offerings.  Our board certified engineers can take your idea and turn it into a reality.  Our 3D CAD designers are experts in design for manufacturing in FDM methods. This means your parts will come off the printer looking and performing to your expectations every time.

Our designers make sure that your part is made specifically for 3D printing.  Sometimes objects will look great on the computer but will not print properly due to extreme overhang angles, lack of surface area in contact with the build plate, and improper exporting.  Using SolidWorks, Creo, and Rhino, our designers have made the projects you see below, all optimized for 3D printing.

Many of our 3D CAD service projects fall under an NDA. This means we cannot share their details publically. However, this portfolio consists of internal projects, models designed for fun, and a couple of client jobs that have made it to production.

3D Printer Design

3D Printer Parts

Robot 3D Design

Robotic Parts


Electrical Enclosures

Threaded Parts

3d design structure

Architectural Structures

3d print living hinge

Living Hinge


Other Designs