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SD3D Accelerates Local 3D Printing Services with 24/7 On-Site Pickup


Prototype Faster

with 24/7 On-Site Pickup

SD3D recently introduced a novel way to make our local 3D printing and rapid prototyping services even more…rapid! We are pleased to announce that SD3D is now offering 24/7 pickup at our San Diego, CA production facility. This is a pilot program for what will soon become the standard at all of our local 3D printing service hubs. While this idea may be novel in it’s application to rapid prototyping and local 3D printing services – we are certainly not the first ones to come up with the concept. In fact, our inspiration for the idea is becoming rather ubiquitous and familiar to just about everyone around the world: Amazon Lockers.

By introducing 24/7 on site pickup for local 3D printing services, we can now provide rapid prototyping with unprecedented speed and convenience. This eliminates the need to wait for your 3D prints to be shipped or picked up during core business hours. With 24/7 on site pickup, accessing our local 3D printing services for truly rapid prototyping is nearly as convenient as having the printers in your own facility. In fact – in many ways it is more convenient for rapid prototyping, as you are able to focus on design optimization as opposed to operating and maintaining 3D printers.

The on-site pickup system we created is not identical to the Amazon Lockers, but very similar and just as easy to use. Below is an overview of how the 24/7 locker system works at SD3D.

Amazon Locker Order Online Pick up Here

How it Works

When submitting your 3D print order online, simply select on site pickup at checkout. Once your order is processed, one of our 3D printing technicians will place the order inside of a locker. You will be notified to come pick up your parts at your convenience. You will receive two temporary codes to access your parts. The first code will be used to open the locker room door. The second code will open the specific locker that contains your completed project. Below are some of the specific advantages that this new system offers vs. traditional 3D printing services and in-house production.

  • Speed
    • Complete projects faster than ever with 24/7 access to a 3D printing factory that never sleeps.
  • Convenience
    • Stop by any time of the day or night to pick up your completed parts.
  • Design Focused
    • Instead of maintaining and operating printers, you can focus on what really matters: the design. 
Local 3D Printing Project

3D Printing Around the Clock

By implementing 24/7 pickup for local 3D printing, we have unlocked higher efficiencies on the production side as well. Our 3D printing technicians are no longer required to be on-site during specific hours to coordinate with customers. They are now hyper focused on two specific metrics: on time delivery (OTD) and quality control (QC). There is almost always someone on-site working diligently on completing your projects whether that is at 1pm in the afternoon or 1am in the morning. This means less dormant printers sitting idle and more parts produced around the clock.

There are nearly endless opportunities to use 3D printing for rapid prototyping applications. Contact us to discuss your next project.