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SD3D Accepted to Accelerator Programs

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Revolutionizing the 3D printing industry, SD3D has been awarded membership of CyberTECH’s inagural Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Cohort program. The EIR is a six-month accelerator program designed to build strategic relationships between early-stage companies and CyberTECH’s growing ecosystem of partners and stakeholders.

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Dual Geared Extruder

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When it comes to FDM 3D printing, one of the most important pieces of hardware is the extruder. While the older Prusa based cartesian printers with moving build platforms were limited in speed mainly due to larger moving masses, new printer designs are capable of reaching much higher travel speeds without sacrificing precision. On these new FDM printer designs, the limiting factor has become the extruder responsible for positioning the filament for accurate material deposition. Read More

3D Printed Town

Large Format 3D Printing – Aon Town

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Read about how SD3D worked with Aon to design and print a record breaking 9′ x 10.5′ model city. This giant city helped to show off the vast insurance portfolio offered by Aon to it’s clients and allowed us to test the limits of 3D printing scaled architectural models. In total this massive effort took over 200 design hours and 3000 printing hours that yielded 300 individual parts weighing a total of 66 kilograms. We assembled this record breaking model into four quadrants that could be broken down to easily transport between trade events. This project was completed within 30 days from concept to final delivery.

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Flexible 3D printing Materials

Meet the Flexibles

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Along with the other Unique Filaments we have reviewed thus far, we have been recently working very closely with flexible materials for FDM 3D printing.  Each has benefits, and each have their own softness and flexibility.  Today we will be looking at the following flexible 3D printing materials: PCTPE from taulman 3d, FlexSolid from MadeSolid, NinjaFlex by Ninjatek, and the new Cheetah by Ninjatek.  Along with overall properties, we will be giving printing settings and even a Cura profile to download.

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A-Z 3D Printing Handbook Download

Diagnose 3D Printing Issues with this Free 3D Printing Handbook Download

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Diagnose 3D Printing Issues Like a Pro!

This handbook covers how to diagnose and repair ALL desktop 3D printing issues.  From A-Z, every category is covered.

3D printer maintenance is not always straightforward. This handbook will guide you through all of the 3D printing issues we have run into over thousands of hours of 3D printing time.

Learn about:

Cooling 3D Printing
* Bed Adhesion
* Build Plate Not Heating
* Build Plate Not Reading Correct Temperature
* Built Up Material in Nozzle
* Ghosting
* Hotend Can’t Reach or Maintain Temperature
* Hotend Not Heating or Reading Incorrect Temperature
* Layer Shifts
* Model Errors
* Nozzle Clogs
* Over Extrusion
* Parts Not Mating Together
* Poor Layer Adhesion
* Print Pauses Mid Print
* Running Out of Filament
* Stepper Motors Overheating or Malfunctioning
* Stripped Filament
* Unlevelled Build Plate
* Warping
* Z-Axis Wobble
* Z-Height Issues
* And much more!

The physical paperback version sells on Amazon for $19.99.  You can get your free digital version in .pdf format below!

Over 2,500 downloads thus far!

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Want more info? Find out more by visiting this books Amazon Page


Complete ABS Profile Print Settings

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Through trial and error we have slowly honed in our profile settings for different 3D printing materials.   This is our second profile tutorial and today we will be taking a look at the settings and profiles that have worked for us while printing in ABS.

Further than just explaining preferred temperature settings, we will be taking an indepth look at advanced support and infill settings, as well as many other factors that go into making a clean and successful print.

ABS is quite unique to PLA for a few reasons.  The first is the difficulty to print.  Small items are quite easy, and the printer can handle ABS without any issues.  The problem arises when printing large parts.  Since ABS has a high shrinkage rate which causes warping, we will only print larger ABS jobs with our proprietary enclosure or on our fully enclosed 3D printer. Read More