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The Decentralized SmartFactory

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This case study discusses the merger of 3D Printing and IoT at the commercial scale, reflecting the data we have gathered through operations to provide estimates on production cost reductions.

As of 2019 we expect to achieve a net savings of over $400,000 per year in operational costs by implementing IoT driven energy savings and process improvements onto our 3D printing production lines in Dallas and San Diego. Implementing industrial IoT onto our production lines will allow us to offer even lower cost solutions for high volume 3D printing production, pushing additive manufacturing into new applications that are not currently economically viable.

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SD3D Expands to the Dallas Region

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After starting a few years ago on the West Coast, we are excited to announce we have expanded our operations and opened a new facility in Dallas, Texas!
The new office is located in the City of Richardson, just a few minutes away from the University of Texas, Dallas.

Among many strategic attributes contributing to the expansion decision, the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex is well known for it’s centralized geographical position within the United States, serving as a major logistical hub for large transportation and shipping companies. In the near future, it will also become the birthplace of AAMPL: the Automated Additive Manufacturing Production Line.

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Taking PJ Guard From Concept to Production

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When Latrice from PJ Guard first contacted SD3D in February of 2016 she had a vision for a new product that she simply couldn’t stop thinking about. At the time, she wasn’t sure if it was going to be a marketable product or just a one-off security device for her house. Her only certainty was that it was going to solve a major security flaw in her home which would allow her to sleep soundly at night and while she was away.

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