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3D Printing Materials

Best Unique 3D Printing Filaments of 2015

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We have tested some very advanced materials throughout the past year from industrial grade nylons to flexible elastomers. These functional FDM materials have allowed SD3D production services to be used as a solution to demanding end-user applications. We are excited to see what 2016 will bring as material suppliers seem to be accelerating their rate of R&D. The following twelve materials are our favorite new materials of 2015. Read More

David Feeney SD3D ABC

SD3D Accepting Bitcoin on ABC 10 San Diego

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Yesterday morning Jonathan Horn of ABC 10 San Diego visited the SD3D headquarters to show an example of what can be accomplished using bitcoin and the Bitcoin network.  We began accepting bitcoin for 3D printing and 3D design work nearly 2 years ago, and while customers using this payment method are few, we are a great option for anyone looking to spend their bitcoin rather than sell them.

In fact, you can read all our involvement in our Bitcoin Meets 3D Printing article from October 1st, 2013 – just about exactly two years ago.

While our employees do not get paid in bitcoin, ABC 10 was following Airbitz, a startup in downtown San Diego who does just this.  Be sure to watch the segment with SD3D’s CEO David Feeney below:  Read More

SD3D at Printshow

SD3D at the 3D Printshow

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SD3D was fortunate enough to have a booth at the 3D Printshow in Pasadena this past weekend.  The show ranged from large scale 3D printer manufacturers to artists utilizing additive manufacturing to their benefit.  We were able to show off some of the capabilities of our services and brought two Lulzbot TAZ 5’s with us that were printing the entire time.   Read More

Punchtec 3D printer heated bed 0-100C

Not all 3D Printer Heated Beds are Created Equal

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We do a lot of research and development on 3D printing systems at SD3D in an effort to improve the quality and reliability of our machines and to help select the best 3D printer technology available for our production factory. The 3D printer heated bed is perhaps one of the most important components on a 3D printer. Since this component is often overlooked in selecting a 3D printer, we decided to dedicate this post to reviewing different 3D printer heated build plates. Recently, we took six off-the-shelf desktop 3D printers and our proprietary 3DGenie FDM printer and compared the quality of the heated build plate (HBP) with respect to surface temperature gradients.  Read More

Filament monitor

Technology Update: Filament Monitor

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Since releasing our technology and innovation infographic a few weeks ago we have been hard at work to display some of these hardware and software advancements in action.  The first to display is our revolutionary filament monitor.

The filament monitor senses the physical position of the filament to provide closed loop motion control for the extrusion axis when used with our encoded stepper motors.  This provides a solution for filament jams, material shearing and under/over extrusion.  This monitor also provides feedback for automated inventory control systems, including our RFID material tracking module. Read More

Pricing for 3D Printing vs. Injection Molding

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The general rule of thumb for manufacturing your product until this point has been this: 3D printing is a cheaper alternative when making a prototype of your invention and injection molding is the way to go for large quantities.  At SD3D we are changing that mentality with the cheapest and most competitive pricing possible for additive manufacturing.  No longer do you need to go overseas – create your product here at home in the USA for pricing that beats China! When comparing 3D printing vs. injection molding, we can see that 3D printing prices can be very competitive.  Read More

Makerbot Timelapse

Makerbot Timelapse (Video)

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Since we have a wide array of desktop 3D printers here at SD3D, we decided we would start doing a timelapse series.  Each of these printers have different pros and cons, including their own failure rates.  We recently decided to print a basketball hoop for the office on a Makerbot Replicator 2, and you can see, this occur at 100x normal speed.  This hoop took a total of 1 hour and 6 minutes to print: Read More