Being one of the largest 3D printing companies in San Diego and Dallas, we have garnered many loyal partners through our optimum quality 3D printed products. Our partner base includes internet of things service providers, electronics products manufacturing firms, contract manufacturing company, to name a few.

Locbit is an IoT company that helps companies connect their devices and data to save money, improve efficiency and reach business goals. The Locbit platform enables companies to quickly identify inefficiencies, lower operational cost and improve performance in order to facilitate growth. Their IoT system collects and analyzes data trends to enable automations that reduce cost and allow businesses to capitalize on otherwise missed opportunities.

SD3D and Locbit have partnered to bring industrial IOT capabilities to the additive manufacturing market. This partnership has developed several custom engineered solutions to bring data-driven automations to the 3D printing factory floor. The goal of this partnership is to enable lean manufacturing and continuous production for 3D printing factories.

German RepRap is a leading industrial 3D printer OEM based in Germany. They have a handful of printer options ranging in build volume from 150mm^3 up through 1,000mm^3 machines. They service industries such as large industrial companies, designers, architects, artists, mold makers, universities and many more!

SD3D and German RepRap have joined into a two way partnership. First, SD3D’s technology modules will now be available for sale on the German RepRap’s machines, bringing a new level of quality and automation to the German RepRap line. Second, SD3D is now a certified 3D Printing service provider utilizing the German RepRap printers.

National University is dedicated to making lifelong learning opportunities accessible, challenging, and relevant to a diverse student population. As a nonprofit institution, National University invests in its students by providing them with quality educational instruction and learning technologies, superior faculty, and exemplary student services.

SD3D has worked with the National University School of Engineering to sponsor multiple student capstone projects based around systems engineering and automation within a 3D printing facility.

RS Components

is the world’s largest distributor of electronics and maintenance products. They have operations in 32 countries and offer around half a million products through their online presence.

We have partnered with RS Components to make our automated quoting tool available through their DesignSpark Platform. DesignSpark is a community filled with over 500,000 designers and engineers, many who are engaged and contribute to help others. We are happy to be a part of the community by providing a valuable 3D printing service along with unique and up-to-date content.

Makeit is focused on building the highest quality desktop 3D printers for professional design, industrial, and manufacturing applications. Makeit printers are designed, built, assembled, and tested in Los Angeles county with the help of trusted local suppliers and partners.

SD3D and Makeit are working together to bring the entire SD3D automated technology stack to the Makeit printers. While both companies are focused solely on the higher end, professional and industrial markets, the integration between Makeit and SD3D is a perfect fit. Makeit will also be offering SD3D’s full end-to-end software platform as an extra value to their existing customers, making them a certified reseller of the automated Printelize platform.

Cybertech is a global cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT) network ecosystem providing cybersecurity and IoT resources, strategic programs and thought leadership events across the nation.

SD3D is a member of the Cybertech network and took part in the first Cohort in their EIR program. Since then, we have integrated a 3D printing kiosk inside of their co-working space in which members of the Cybertech community can benefit from low cost and fast turnaround printing services. This is the first of it’s kind in which users can order 3D prints directly from the kiosk and return to the kiosk location for part pickup.

Fabcon is a leading US based contract manufacturing company located in Orange County, CA. The company is housed in an ISO 9001:2008 approved 120,000 square foot state of the art facility which provides significant scalability for small to large multi-year contract production runs.

SD3D and Fabcon are working together to enable automated additive manufacturing production lines (AAMPL). The goal of this partnership is to identify and custom engineer an optimal system to be used for continuous production within enterprise level manufacturing facilities, such as Fabcon.

Make Printable is an innovative 3D model repair technology company. They have a robust library of features such as 3D Analyzer and Viewer, 3D Model Repair, Model Optimization, Texture Support and Hollowing Models. In additional to those features, they have the ability to work with over 15 different 3D file types.

We have partnered together in order to bring the Make Printable API fully integrated into SD3D’s Automated 3D Quoting Tool, Printelize. Meaning, SD3D’s Printelize platform will now accept an array of file formats, and the end-to-end printing process will become more seamless by using Make Printables feature set.

Beyond SD3D’s userbase benefiting from this partnership, Make Printable will now be offering their customers access to SD3D automated printing process directly through the Make Printable web platform.