Strength: 3,830 PSI • Elongation: 8% • Tg: 105°C

ABS is one of the most cost-effective and widely used FDM printing materials.  ABS performs well in mechanical applications due to it’s strength and ability to bend before breaking.  It’s glass transition temperature is roughly 105°C (221°F), making it good for usage in areas subject to thermal loading. Being a generic material already used for mass production, ABS has a price point that is lower than it’s alternatives. This makes ABS a good selection for larger production runs of mechanical parts. One major advantage to printing in ABS is the ease of post finishing with an acetone vapor bath as seen in some of the images below.


• Strength

• Price

• High Tg

• Flex before breaking

• Easy to post-process

• Large variety of colors


• High shrinkage rate

• Difficult for large prints to not warp

• Heated bed required

• Storage of filament requires low humidity