Getting a print to stick to your bed can often be a difficult task.  Not only do many materials require a heated build plate, some even require additional adhesions.

Painters Tape Glass Beds

Glass Beds have a very smooth surface which is preferred over acrylic. Due to the mooth the surface, additional products are required for adhesion. We prefer to use hairspray.  Glue sticks and other similar mixtures have been tried, but these often make the print stick to the bed, causing the removal of the part to be very difficult.  If you do not have a heated bed it will be very difficult to only  use hairspray and not experience any warping or lack of bed adhesion.

Individuals will often use blue painters tape as a means to get the part to stick to the bed.  We have done this in the past but the bottom surface quality is never as good as when printed on glass.  This also requires the tape to be replaced frequently.


Polyetherimide (PEI) requires no additional adhesives such as glue or tape, but does require a glass bed to be attached to.  PEI is a low surface energy polymer with a high glass transition temperature which resists deformation throughout successive heating and cooling cycles. It is used as the top surface to the build platform in order to enhance adherence to the bed along with the ability to cold release many 3D printable materials without resorting to destructive methods. Glass filled PEI further enhances these features by adding additional resistance to structural deformation during the heating and cooling phases.

3D Printing Brim Using a Brim

A brim is a when the printer lays lines around the base of the print which essentially act as anchors for the entire print. The amount of lines added can be chosen in the slicing settings. Brim can often be difficult to remove, but it is needed for any ABS print to stick to the bed properly and not warp.  Since brim often adds lines to every part of the bottom layer, including holes in the middle of the print that are not needed for bed adhesion, you can actually add a close .01mm distance skirt to achieve the same function.

Other factors that can help bed adhesion is having the proper Z-Height as well as making sure the entire bed is level before printing.


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