Strength: 9,267 PSI • Elongation: 4% • Tg: 90°C

CF-Nylon is the unique filament that boasts the highest tensile strength at 9,267 PSI, an improvement of over 80% over standard ABS filaments. This material is still very new to us, but we are doing some extensive testing.  We are currently using it as our Z-elevator bracket on our in-house printer, since it boasts such a high tensile strength, can handle heat, and is very rigid.

Since this has nylon, storage is always an issue to take out as much moisture as possible.  And since it is a carbon fiber blend, the filament is very brittle to break.

The issues involved with CF-Nylon, as with all carbon fiber blends, is that it will wear out the nozzle of the printer quicker than other materials and the raw material is expensive when compared to other materials.

In the video made by Braille, which you can watch HERE, the complete skateboard we made had a deck and trucks made out of this strong material.


• The highest tensile strength we offer

• Minimal shrinkage and warpage

• Very rigid

• High glass transition temperature


• Price

• Wears down nozzle

• Very brittle when on the spool