Strength: 8,049 PSI • Elongation: 2.5% • Tg: 80°C

CF-PETG is another new filament we have been experimenting with lately. The unique part about CF-PETG is is how chemically resistant it is – we have used this material for unique jobs that require resistancy to specific chemicals.

Another benefit is it’s rigidity.  This, along with CF-PLA, are the two most rigid materials we offer.

The issues involved with CF-PETG, as with all carbon fiber blends, are that it will wear out the nozzle of the printer quicker than other materials and the raw material is expensive when compared to other materials.


• High tensile strength

• Very rigid

• Very chemically resistant

• High glass transition temperature


• Price

• Wears down nozzle

• Very brittle when on the spool