Strength: 8,500 PSI • Elongation: 2.17% • Tg: 90°C

CF-ABS is the unique filament that boasts one of the highest tensile strength at 8,000PSI, an improvement of 77% over standard ABS filaments. It is also much easier to print than typical ABS, as the carbon fiber reinforcement resists the built up internal stresses that typically cause warping on large ABS prints. his is our go-to material for drone applications and other robotic parts that require high strength while maintaining low deflection and weight. CF-ABS retains the high glass transition of standard ABS, making it particularly useful in demanding mechanical applications.

Another improvement of CF-ABS over standard ABS is enhanced surface quality, particularly when vapor post-processing is used to weld the layers together. This process makes CF-ABS parts as smooth as injection molded parts with full interlayer adhesion.

The issues involved with CF-ABS are that it will wear out the nozzle of the printer quicker than other materials and the raw material is expensive when compared to other materials.


• Very high tensile strength

• Minimal shrinkage and warpage

• Easy to post-process to a very smooth quality

• High glass transition temperature


• Price

• Wears down nozzle

• Very brittle when on the spool