Strength: ~3,700 PSI • Elongation: 660% • Tg: 60°

Ninjaflex is currently the most flexible material we offer.  It is extremely soft and bendible to the touch, with a shore hardness rating of 85A.  It is even more rubber like than FlexSolid.

This does not mean it doesn’t come without it’s downsides.  Ninjaflex is very difficult to print complex models and will often leave the print very stringy.  It must also be printed at the slowest speeds of any material we offer.  That along with the high material price tag makes this a material that should only be used for specific jobs.


• Extremely soft and flexible

• Similar to rubber

• Incredibly high elongation to break

Shore Hardness of 85A


• Printed extremely slow

• Very difficult to print support material and complex models

• Price

• Lowest tensile strength