Since we are always partaking in fun projects here at SD3D, we have a few unique fun designs that we have done in the past.  This will be continually added to as new designs are completed.

Reading Light Phone Holder

As a side project our designer made this holder for their phone when reading late at night.  The part was made to mount on the wall and work with the flash that exists on almost every smartphone.

The part was printed in t-glase in order to have as much clarity as possible for light to shine through.  Any phone can be dropped in, regardless of having a case or not, and works great to have next to your bed late at night.

3d printed reading light

Custom Belts

It is extremely difficult to find belts that have the exact amount of teeth required for the size you need.  Often you will have to design your mechanical parts around this, to make sure you don’t need to order any custom belts.

We have a found a good way around this by designing our own belts and then printing them in either FlexSolid, Ninjaflex, or Cheetah.  All of these materials are flexible and generally mimic rubber quite well.

The only hiccup comes into play is after a long time frame.  Since these belts do not have any spring or metal lining to make sure it always goes back into place, these belts will stretch over time.

Phone Cases

Most of us here have different phone models, so we each wanted our own personalized case.  To the right is just one example of an iPhone case that we designed and added our logo to.

The print to the right was printed in flexible PCTPE, but we have tried out ABS, Nylon 910, and other materials to fun results.

Robotic Arm

This robotic arm is definitely not as intricate as the robotic projects we have worked on in the past and was more for fun.  Each member of SD3D gets a statue print of themselves to add to the shelves and join the team.

Gabe of SD3D had his arm break off during printing and decided to turn himself into the 6 million dollar man.



Wisdom Tooth

3d image wisdom tooth