Strength: 6,640 PSI • Elongation: 18% • Tg: 82C

PETG is a great material for high impact parts. It has a higher tensile strength (6640PSI) and elongation to break (18%) than the T-Glase PETT formulation, with similar interlayer bonding properties. This material comes in many different colors, making it a versatile plastic for production printing. It is a good substitute for any part that is currently printed in ABS so long as it does not exceed a service temperature of approximately 75C. PETG is nearly as simple to print with as PLA with minimal tendency to warp. However, post-processing this material is much more difficult than with ABS, PETT and other similar materials.


• Strength in high impact

• High tensile strength

• Minimal to no warping

• Large color selection


• Inability to post-process

• Price is higher than ABS

• Cannot be put in as high of temperatures as ABS for mechanical use