Strength: 6,783 PSI • Elongation: 4% • Tg: 57°C

PLA is one of the most used and is a standard for prototyping non-functional parts in FDM printing.  With very minimal shrinkage rates and a cheap price tag, PLA is the go to for parts that will not undergo significant stress, impact or heat loads. It is also relatively easy to print compared to other materials. Since PLA is such a standard in FDM 3D printing, it comes in a very wide variety of colors.

While PLA boasts a high tensile strength, is also one of the most brittle of our material offerings, with with a very low impact resistance.  It can crack or break when dropped and does not have many mechanical uses.  It also prints at one of the lowest temperature, making it likely to deform when left in temperatures above 50°C (120°F), which means parts should not be left in a hot car.

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• Price

• Minimal shrinkage

• Easiness to print

• Color selection


• Low impact resistance

• Low glass transition temperature

• Unable to easily post-process