Strength: ~5,050 PSI • Elongation: ~4.3% • Tg: 125°C

The polycarbonate-ABS (PC-ABS) alloy by protopasta is a very exotic material that provides the best properties of both PC and ABS. This material has the highest heat resistance of any polymer we offer with a glass transition temperature of 125C. We use PC-ABS on our printers to interface with the heated bed due to it’s high Tg and tensile strength.

Although PC-ABS has an ABS component, it does not vapor smooth very well since it is an alloy. When undergoing the vapor smoothing process, the PC and ABS components actually appear to separate and create internal flowing channels of homogeneous material. We have not found an application for that particular reaction at the moment.

This part is also difficult to print due to the high likelihood of warping.


• Very high glass transition temperature

• High Tensile Strength


• High warpage rate

• Not easily post-processed