One amazing fact about 3D printing, as with all technologies, is there are giant advancements nearly every year.  We at SD3D are doing our best to speed up these advancements and have some technological innovations that are going to change the entire market.

Dual Geared Extruder Dual Geared Extruder

This extruder is a drop-in replacement for any existing extruder assembly mounted to the standardized Greg Wade’s adapter plate. Most importantly, the dual gear configuration provides twice the surface area distribution leading to a drastic reduction in filament stripping and material slippage.

The integrated encoder on the extruder drive, along with the filament monitor, provides closed loop feedback for the extrusion axis throughout the print. This also allows printer manufacturers to configure their builds with slave assist drives on the extrusion axis.

Filament Monitor Filament Monitor

The filament monitor provides a solution for filament jams, material shearing and under/over extrusion. Precision optical diameter monitoring is provided with enhanced signal filtering onboard. This allows for continuous filament diameter measurements with a resolution of 100 microns. These measurements are used to automate extrusion flow rate changes throughout the print to provide extremely tight print tolerances and enhanced surface quality.

The filament monitor also senses the physical position of the filament to provide closed loop motion control for the extrusion axis when used with our encoded stepper motors. This monitor also provides feedback for automated inventory control systems, including our RFID material tracking module.

Auto Ejection Auto Ejection

SD3D’s heated build platform is modular and can be configured to most standardized configurations. It includes a proprietary gradient free heated build plate which also contributes to lower surface level warping forces.

Combining the precision bed leveling and advanced HBP stack make it possible to non-destructively auto-eject printed parts reliably. Printers can now be configured to run continuously without needing to be monitored or serviced by technicians between prints.


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