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Printelize Instant Quoting Software Now Accepts 12 New 3D File Formats

We are happy to announce that Printelize now accepts 12 new 3D file formats for generating instant 3D printing quotes. Printelize Professional is an online 3D print quote software. Printelize is used globally by 3D printing service bureaus, educational institutions and internal 3D print departments to streamline the management of 3D printing order workflow. Accepting these new file types will further streamline user workflow by eliminating the step of converting every 3D file to .stl format prior to upload. So what’s wrong with the .stl file format? Well, nothing really, it’s just not a convenient format for 3D designers. Let us explain why:

The .stl file format is still by far the most widely used file extension for 3D printing. However, it is certainly not the most ideal file format for 3D designers to work with. With this new update, customers can now upload file formats that are easier to work with.

What are the new 3D File formats accepted by the Printelize Instant 3D Print Quote Software?

3D Print Quoting Software

The Printelize instant 3D print quote software now displays the accepted file formats as a tooltip when hovering over the submission panel. Supported 3D file formats now include: .stl, .obj, .3ds, .dae, .x, .ply, .gltf, .glb, .gltf2, .assbin, .assxml, .x3d and .3mf.

Optimize your 3D Printing Workflow by Accepting .3mf Files with Printelize Professional

Perhaps most importantly is the adoption of the .3mf format which is rapidly becoming a standard in professional 3D printing. The .3mf file format addresses issues specific to 3D printing. For example, it allows certain print parameters to be embedded into the file format itself. This improves workflow on the 3D factory floor by allowing the slicing process to be more easily streamlined for the geometry being uploaded and the printer selected to process that geometry. As described by the 3MF Consortium:

3MF is the first mesh format to deliver a long overdue clear definition of manifoldness, thus eliminating a major source of errors in 3D models.

This means never having to import your files into a seperate mesh inspection or healing software before printing. Therefore, if you are running a 3D printing service, you should consider embracing the .3mf file format to optimize your workflow.

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