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There are many tough decisions when it comes to product development which can lead to exorbitant expenses and delays if handled improperly. Our expert team of engineers and project managers are here to help with these tough decisions to make sure each of our customers moves forward with a winning strategy for production and commercialization. Our integrated approach to product development and scaled production has proven to save our customers thousands while shaving months off of their development timelines. 

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Our Design Process


Exploratory Phase

Every project begins with an exploratory discussion into the customer's main objectives for the project and a creative brainstorming session around potential design and production strategies. A dedicated project manager will first identify all of the professional engineering resources required to satisfy the customer requirements for the project. Our engineers then meet with the customer to develop an efficient feature development strategy to satisfy the project requirements. Our engineers will utilize the Kano approach to help customers prioritize feature development throughout the project.

Concept Development and Testing Phase

Once we have gathered the customer requirements and have a thoroughly vetted Kano model for the project, our engineers will begin developing the initial conceptual features. During this phase our engineers are focusing primarily on product functionality and designing experiments to test the concepts developed during the exploratory phase. This includes digital design, simulation, prototyping and physical testing of the product. Ideally, the customer will have a small group of users representative of the target user base available to test the product during this phase and provide direct feedback to the engineering team.

Product Enhancement Phase

Feedback from the customer and any participants in the early user group are analyzed and considered. Our engineers will then begin a new feature development discussion with a focus on quality of service. A thorough business assessment is also critically important at this stage. A dedicated project manager will sit down with the customer to ensure they fully understand the financial and calendar impact of developing each feature for production. This will also include an assessment of initial production requirements and internal vetting of the go-to-market strategy.

During this phase our engineering and project management team can also help with any provisional patent filings that may be appropriate for the project. Our team has hundreds of hours of experience in documenting the project specifications and generating proper drawings to ensure seamless acceptance of your provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


Product Manufacturing Phase

After careful consideration of the business assessment and production requirements, the project manager and customer will declare a design freeze and the focus will shift to production. Our additive manufacturing engineers and technicians will consult with the design team directly to ensure there are no manufacturing issues that were overlooked previously. The required customer input during this phase is minimal as our team executes the go-to-market production strategy.

Sustaining Engineering Phase

The final phase of our product development lifecycle is the sustaining engineering phase which takes place during the commercialization of the product. The market testing in this phase differs from that in the concept development and testing phase, in that this product is fully representative of the production intent during commercialization. Changes to the product from this point forward are typically limited to manufacturing and logistics concerns. Our engineers will seamlessly transition your project from product design to our in-house production specialists to meet your commercialization needs.

Electrical Services We Offer


  • PCB Schematic and Layout design
  • Power supply design
  • Embedded microcontroller circuits
  • Motion controllers
  • LED controllers
  • CANBUS, HART, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB, MODBUS communication circuits
  • Wiring harnesses


  • PLC programming
  • UL508 design experience for control panels
  • VFD Motor Controllers
  • Process controlling
  • Machine automation

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