SmartThings Hub


  • SmartThings Hub connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes them work together.
  • Choose from a wide range of compatible devices, including lights, locks, thermostats, sensors, and more.
  • Requires an Internet-connected router with an available Ethernet port.
  • Add smart devices and put your factory to work.

Product Description

The Samsung SmartThings Hub will connect all of your different smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and more and let you control them from SD3D printing Factory IoT platform. Receive notifications about what’s happening on the production line and use your smartphone to remotely monitor the factory floor. Drill down to check the status and control individual devices from anywhere.

Since SmartThings is compatible with a wide variety of smart devices from different manufacturers, once you have the SmartThings Hub and an account with the SD3D Factory IoT platform, you can add as many additional SmartThings sensors or other popular Z-Wave, ZigBee, or Internet-connected products as you want to enhance the workflow automation throughout your facility. The Samsung SmartThings Hub works in the US and Canada. You can buy Samsung SmartThings Hub Online at SD3D Printing.