Taulman Bluprint 1lb


Strength: ~5,000 PSI • Elongation: ~8% • Tg: 110°C

BluPrint is a specialty co-polymer developed by taulman 3D. It has superior mechanical properties for parts that need to be used in high heat applications. It has a Tg of 110C which is approximately 20 degrees higher than typical ABS filaments manufactured for FDM printing. This makes it ideal for structural parts and those interfacing with any heated components.

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Product Description

The tendency to warp was on par or slightly better than ABS. Maintaining a gradient free build chamber with ambient temps of 55C+ alleviated warping stresses throughout the build. This means that it is a very difficult material to print.

While there is a nylon component in this co-polymer, it’s dye uptake is poor and requires conventional priming and painting if you want colored parts. Aesthetic considerations aside, this material is our go-to choice for industrial grade parts. We would feel very comfortable using these parts in demanding automotive and aviation applications.

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Weight 1 lbs
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1.75mm, 3.00mm