Taulman t-glase


Strength: 4,516 PSI • Elongation: 7.8% • Tg: 76°C

T-Glase is taulman’s version of PETT which is meant to be a direct substitute for any material currently being printed in ABS. It has improved layer to layer bonding properties which allow it to achieve a higher tensile strength than typical ABS prints. t-glase has an ultimate tensile strength when printed of 4500PSI and 7.8%+ elongation to break which outperforms ABS. However, it has a lower glass transition temperature of 76C compared to the 90C Tg of typical FDM ABS filaments. This is perfectly suitable for outdoor applications, but may be a concern if placed in operation next to machinery generating significant heat.

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Product Description

Another interesting benefit to taulman’s t-glase is the optical properties of the specialty PETT material. When printed in clear, t-glase is partially transparent, clouded only by the interfaces between layers. It also comes in multiple colors – clear, blue, red, green, black, and opaque white.
One major negative to the layer adhesion and properties of t-glase is it’s difficulty to print parent support material. This means that complex models are not simple or can even not be possible in t-glase. So get Taulman T-Glase at the cheapest price with SD3D printing services.

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Weight 1 lbs
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Filament Size

1.75mm, 3.00mm


Blue, Clear, Green, Red