Touch Screen Smart Thermostat


  • Modern touch screen display
  • Monitor and control temperature remotely
  • Manual 7-day programming from touch screen
  • Supports 4 heat and 2 cooling stages
  • Partial or full screen lock function
  • Anti-theft network lock available
  • Sleek design

Product Description

The Touch Screen Thermostat is a reliable, easy-to-use option for indoor temperature control. Remotely control your thermostat without affecting convenient manual functionality. Receive updates and alerts via text and/or email to ensure your HVAC system is as efficient as possible. This thermostat features up to 4 stages of heating, allowing you to save energy and create a finely tuned, personalized HVAC system.

Program your favorite temperature settings to maintain themselves up to 7 days in advance — no more constant fidgeting with the thermostat. Take advantage of a rich array of settings for better customization. Associate the thermostat with a window sensor and have the AC turn off automatically if a window or your patio door is left open.