SD3D at the 3D Printshow
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SD3D at the 3D Printshow

By September 16, 20153D Printing

SD3D was fortunate enough to have a booth at the 3D Printshow in Pasadena this past weekend.  The show ranged from large scale 3D printer manufacturers to artists utilizing additive manufacturing to their benefit.  We were able to show off some of the capabilities of our services and brought two Lulzbot TAZ 5’s with us that were printing the entire time.  

SD3D at Printshow

When we weren’t busy at the booth we were able to walk around and see some of the cool things the show had to offer.  Each of us even got our faces scanned so we will hopefully have the SD3D team in busts printed out soon.  Below are some photos of the event:


BigRep – a large scale 3D Printer

Autodesk SLA Ember

Autodesk had their SLA Ember printer on display

Sylvia Heisel Art Dress

3D Printed Dress by Sylvia Heisel

3D Wall Art

3D Wall Art on display


Itseez3D software for easy scanning had some examples on display. The SD3D team all got scanned.

Micro Drone

Micro Drone even had their 3D printed wasp shell

And a video of the event: