SD3D Opens New Facility in Dallas to Showcase AAMPL Production Line
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SD3D Expands to the Dallas Region

By July 6, 20173D Printing
After starting a few years ago on the West Coast, we are excited to announce we have expanded our operations and opened a new facility in Dallas, Texas!
The new office is located in the City of Richardson, just a few minutes away from the University of Texas, Dallas.
We couldn’t be happier to share this news, as it means we are increasing our capabilities and delivering a better solution for our customers. SD3D has shipped 3D printed parts all across the US (as well as outside the US), but now we will be able to fulfill orders faster by routing jobs to the optimal facility based on their final destination. Our mission is to set the standard for high quality 3D printing production solutions, and now we are one step closer to covering the map and reaching territories with same day shipping!
Our new headquarters is a modern 4,000 sqft. production facility with the capacity to house 100+ automated 3D printers. The facility will showcase our first automated additive manufacturing production line (AAMPL) which will be utilized to fulfill all of the production orders that run through the factory. After years of developing this technology and working with our OEM partners to integrate it into their machines, we are now in the final leg of deploying the next generation of 3D printing automation.
Adaptive Build Environment (ABE) – a smart modular build chamber to eliminate part warping and delamination with patent pending thermal gradient nutralization technology.
Continuous Autonomous Printing (CAP) Build Plate – Our patent pending solution to Auto-ejection without impacting the part or removing the bed. This bed stack allows for the longest continuous printing operations in the industry without requiring technician maintenance.
Closed Loop Motion (CLM) Control – an industrual solution enabling multi-week continuous print operations while maintaining dimensional precision with tolerances on the micron level
Thermal Volumetric Extrusion (TVE) Controller – the next generation in closed loop control on the extrusion axis. TVE fine-tunes the heater and extruder setpoints to provide the highest level of accuracy and control over volumetric deposition, regardless of the feedstock material being used.
Automated Material Handling and Quality Control allowing for fully automated parallel production and seemless scaling of the production line.

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