SD Reader - Printers That Can Make (Almost) Anything
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SD Reader – Printers That Can Make (Almost) Anything

By January 28, 2015In the News

SD3D was recently featured in the San Diego Reader.  This article and video were made just before moving to our new offices but they do a good job highlighting our work and best-in-class San Diego 3D Printing services.

David Feeney and Bennett Berger co-founded SD3D on Convoy Street. It’s a bootstrapped, two-guys-will-print-it operation, a storefront space the size of a dentist’s waiting room. Over-tabled and over-strewn with wires, needle-nose pliers, gears, laser-light motors, Frappuccinos, and half a dozen desktop 3-D printers, whole or in various stages of undress. Four printers are busily at work, making robot parts, “26 hours a day,” says Berger. Their nozzles or extrusion tips zip and zigzag a solid object into being: “It’s an additive technology,” Feeney says. “It builds. You’re not cutting anything away.”

Watch the video below to find out more!

You can read the full article here.