Full Product Design

You think it, we design it. We have a full in-house design staff to bring your project to life. Whether it is mechanical, organic, electrical or a full all-in-one product design solution, we put your project needs first and are transparent throughout the process. HERE

3D Printing

Our automated direct to machine 3D printing network is designed to be geographically distributed to serve local areas quickly. Utilizing FDM printing technology, we’re able to take your design from the prototype stage all the way through customized volume manufacturing


Beyond the traditional 3D printing and design service, we extend our offerings into casting. We are able to take a mold of a 3D print and cold cast.  This process allows for parts to have a much faster turnaround time

Turn Your Ideas into Reality

Our goal is to help you in whatever your project entails and do it in a entirely cost effective solution.