Product Design

You think it, we design it. We have a full in-house design staff to bring your project to life. Whether it is mechanical, organic, electrical or a full all-in-one product design solution, we put your project needs first. Furthermore we are transparent throughout the design process and flexible to accommodate your product design requirements. Take a look at our 3D CAD design portfolio HERE.

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3D Printing

Our automated direct to machine 3D printing network is geographically distributed to serve local areas quickly. Utilizing many 3D printing technologies, we’re able to take your design from the rapid prototyping stage all the way through volume additive manufacturing services. Track the status of your project from submission through delivery with our automated online 3D printing service. Learn more about all the 3D printing services we offer HERE.

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Urethane Casting

We go beyond product design and additive manufacturing services with our cast urethane production capabilities. This means we are able to take a mold of a 3D print in a urethane casting. Most importantly, this process allows for duplicating parts with a much faster turnaround time on large part orders.

Urethane Casting Service

Rapid Prototyping

From CNC machining to 3D printing, we have all of your rapid prototyping services covered. Whether you are looking for 1 part or 1000, we can deliver your project with industry leading turnaround times. We offer creative membership pricing options for long term additive or subtractive manufacturing applications. We also provide 24/7 on-site pickup and rush processing to speed up iterative design cycles.

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3D Scanning

3D scanning and the 3D prints they generate are great alternatives to traditional photos. We can use our 3D scanner to capture your body in full color 3D. You can zip through this process at our office in roughly 2 minutes. High resolution 3D scanning of mechanical parts is also available. Contact us today for your 3D scanning needs.

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Injection Molding

Once your product has been tested in the market and is selling off the shelves, we can turn on the afterburners with our mass production capabilities. Whether you are looking for the lowest price or require your product to be made in the US, we have a solution for you. Are you ready to take your project to the moon? Contact us today to discuss injection molding and other mass manufacturing options.

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Turn Your Ideas into Reality

Our goal is to help you in whatever your project entails and do it in a entirely cost effective solution.