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Simple, Fun, and Easy 3D Printed Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume idea but don’t want to spend any money? While some 3D printed costume ideas can take weeks for a machine to print and even longer to sand and paint, here are some very simple ideas you can start printing Halloween morning to wear later that evening.

Price is right 3d print

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This design is so simple that you technically don’t need a 3D printer to make it.  While everyone else is pouring hundreds of dollars into their design you can stand out with this hour and a half print.  Just create your name into a 3D model, combine it with the design made here, pause the printer at 3.8mm, switch the filament, and you can have the design you see to the left.

Or you can just print the part and then use a sharpie to fill in your name, either way you can start this design 3 hours before the party starts.

Designed by Sean Aranda at SD3D

Brain Hat

Open Design in New Tab

Comfortable and simple.  No paint is needed if you pause the layer heights at the right section and switch from silver to pink filament.  Scale it down and your pet will be able to join in on the action too!

Designed by Pep Miquel Jesus at Thingiverse

brain hat 3d printed

Star Trek Pin – My Mini Factory

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Not looking to use more than 10 grams of filament but still have a distinguished costume? Put on your favorite colored V-Neck, clip this pin on, and you are good to go for the night and no one can tell you that you didn’t dress up for the occasion.

Designed by Lloyd Roberts at My Mini Factory

Wolverine Wearable Claws

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We printed a set of these claws overnight and they work great! While you can print in a silver filament, we found a metallic spray paint works best to give it that realistic adamantium look.

Designed by Kirby Downey at My Mini Factory

wolverine claws 3d print
mustache monocle 3d printed

Monocle, Mustache, and Pipe

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As someone with a handlebar mustache myself, this costume wouldn’t be right for me.  But all 3 items can be printed in under an hour and require essentially no time or real effort on your part.

Designed by Nicholas Bretten at Thingiverse

Demon Baby

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So this print might take a little bit longer than the other options on the list, but it is worth it for a unique, creepy design.  Can be printed in any color and any layer height because no one will actually see the quality of the print.

Designed by Taikonaught at Thingiverse

3d printed demon baby
wonderwoman 3d print

Wonder Woman Tiara Dawn of Justice

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This may require a little bit of post processing with glue and possibly some paint, but the overall amount of material and difficulty to print is very minimal.

While this costume is best with the entire outfit, this simple tiara can stand on it’s own.

Designed by Lucie Larborde at My Mini Factory

Halloween Ninja Star Illusion

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This is print that can actually be completed in under an hour.  Get this guy started right when you get home from work at 6:00 and it should be ready for your 8:00 party.  It’s simple and no one can say you didn’t wear anything for the costume party.

Designed by Lucas West at Thingiverse

ninjastar 3d printed