Automating Distributed Manufacturing through the Cloud

SD3D technology and IP is comprised of five core categories with the overarching goal of achieving a fully automated FDM process flow with industry leading efficiency and reliability.

Advanced Hardware Solutions


Our patent pending Adaptive Build Environment (ABE) reduces warping forces to provide reliable large format printing of engineering grade materials such as ABS and PC


Our proprietary filament tracking module provides high precision closed loop feedback on filament position and diameter to enhance print quality

Dual Geared Extruder Drive

Our patent pending dual geared extruder doubles the filament grip while reducing the overall extruder weight and packaging space for faster and more reliable printing

Auto-Eject Build Platform

Our patent pending non-destructive auto-eject build platform allows FDM technology to be used for continuous operation and high volume production runs




Closed Loop Control Systems

Real-time Volumetric Control

Increase process efficiency and throughput by lowering print failures and optimizing system performance

Environmental Control

Our proprietary environmental control system uses our patent-pending ABE technology to provide reliable and repeatable output

Precision motion control

Our distributed processing architecture delivers high precision closed loop motion control to enhance FDM print quality without sacrificing speed

Embedded Processing Modules

Distributed Multi-core Processing

• Our proprietary multi-core processing architecture provides industry leading response time for time-critical closed-loop control systems

Industrial High-Speed Communications

• Our proprietary RS-485 based communication protocol provides industry leading noise tolerance and flexibility for distributed multi-processor architectures.


Machine optimized material settings

• Unique machine attributes are matched with critical environmental and material selection parameters to provide real-time machine optimized settings for each print job

In-Print optimization

• Further geometry based optimization occurs during the print by leveraging our high precision sensory modules and closed loop control systems


Rapid Integration with Existing Systems

Connect multiple supporting processes together by leveraging our API

Factory specific process control

Flexibility for varying degrees of factory-level complexity and specialization

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