Technology Update: Filament Monitor - SD3D Printing
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Technology Update: Filament Monitor

Since releasing our technology and innovation infographic a few weeks ago we have been hard at work to display some of these hardware and software advancements in action.  The first to display is our revolutionary filament monitor.

The filament monitor senses the physical position of the filament to provide closed loop motion control for the extrusion axis when used with our encoded stepper motors.  This provides a solution for filament jams, material shearing and under/over extrusion.  This monitor also provides feedback for automated inventory control systems, including our RFID material tracking module.

This monitor gives live feedback of amount of filament extruded.  This allows the printer to give live updates weather a print is being over or under extruded, and can then correct itself with our closed loop software.

This is just one step in the revolutionary software and hardware being built here at SD3D to help reduce print failures among FDM printers.  Be sure to come back or subscribe to our newsletter off to the right for further updates to our 3D printing technology and innovations!