TVE Controller

Thermal Volumetric Extrusion Controller

The TVE controller is an embedded industrial closed loop control system designed for FDM 3D printing applications. It is responsible for managing the extrusion axis temperature and position while tracking feedstock volumetric flow throughout the print. TVE provides in-line monitoring of defect points within the print by tracking any voids or deviations in material deposition to within 50 micron. It then injects on-the-fly modifications to the incoming machine code to prevent similar deviations from reoccurring. This controllers improve precision and efficiency of Rapid 3D printing services along with Production 3d printer.

The precise position of these defect points are tracked throughout the print to provide a comprehensive report of manufacturing accuracy. This report along with the original part file can be combined to generate a digital 3D map of defect points for simulated FEA analysis and QC.

TVE Controller Specifications

  • Embedded 32bit microprocessor
  • High Speed 16Mhz CAN bus Interface
  • Precision Volumetric Flow Monitoring with 0.35 mm3 resolution
  • Closed loop motion control with up to 128x microstepping
  • Compatible with both 1.75 and 3mm filaments
  • Robust 12V/24V power input with 5A current rating
  • Requires only four conductors per axis to reduce wire count
  • Plug-and-Play operation with RPi server and Filtracker